Succession Planning

Some 70% of first generation, family-owned businesses never make it to the second generation


A simple question

What can prevent a smooth transfer of a business to its successors at retirement, death or disability?

A simple answer

A properly designed and funded succession plan

Major benefits of succession planning:

  • Assures a prompt and orderly sale or transfer
  • Eliminates potential conflicts among surviving owners
  • Shareholder's heirs receive a fair price for their interest
  • Profits go to active shareholders, not inactive family members or outside parties
  • Converts an illiquid interest into cash
  • Helps stabilize the business in the eyes of customers and creditors

The Pay It Forward Financial LLC. Advantage:


We review your personal and business assets, making sure they reflect the wants, needs, and wishes of you and your family. Then our team of independent specialists will explain your options and the steps that need to be taken.


A succession plan that reflects the legacy of the business, the legacy of the owners, and provides for the needs of the families involved.

Planning Options

  • Business Sale or Transfer
  • Funding Strategies
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Mission Statement

Make a positive impact on the lives and future generations of our clients and their families.

Value Statement

We believe that all we have has been entrusted to us. We are not only responsible for how we use our resources, but what our lives say as a reflection of our actions. Therefore, a vital part of the legacy we leave should include implementing and passing on principles of good