Buddy Baseball Testimonials

I am so proud of my friend and colleague, Dean Klassman, for his
tireless efforts and commitment to Keshet Buddy Baseball. Dean’s
positive influences on and off the field are quite evident to everyone.
The daily challenges faced by these young men and women are conquered in one small way through Keshet Buddy Baseball with Dean Klassman at the helm. Through Dean’s dedication and hard work each athlete displays a strong enthusiasm and love for the game as well as life in general. It is with great pleasure that I personally endorse Dean Klassman.

— Steve Trilling

Vice President, L. R. Hein Construction Corp (business partner)

Dean Klassman is one of the most giving and unselfish individuals I
have ever met. I have known Dean and we have been personal friends for approximately 40 years. When he started the Buddy Baseball Program for children with special needs, he also became my hero. Dean has worked tirelessly to build this organization for one reason, to help the kids. Dean has also recruited his entire family to be a part of his organization. I am honored to call Dean Klassman a friend of mine.”

— Corey Schiff 

Vice President Sales and Marketing, Tone Products Inc. (business partner)

Dean Klassman is a class act! The energy he brings to Buddy Baseball
and Keshet Baseball is phenomenal. He has put smiles on the faces of so many children that face many challenges in their daily lives. He had a vision years ago to have children with special needs fulfill their
dreams of playing baseball. Dean's passion for helping others especially children makes him a truly special person. I am glad to have met Dean and can say he is a true inspiration to everyone he is around!” “Regardless of where you search, you will not find anyone who is more disciplined, more dedicated and more determined than Dean Klassman. Dean has a passion for helping others that overflows. Getting to know Dean over the past eight years has truly been one of the joys of my professional career. It is without hesitation and with great respect that I recommend Dean Klassman.

— Vito Bellantuono

Operations Manager, Underwriters Laboratories, Inc (business partner)

Dean Klassman is a great man and advocate for special needs kids. My son has been in Buddy Baseball for a number of years. He has worked tirelessly to support this program. In fact, he and his entire family. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Thanks Coach Dean."

— Michael Jimmerson

Director, Automated Practice Support, Mayer Brown LLP (colleague)

For the past year, I've spent many Sunday afternoons with Dean and the kids at Buddy Baseball, which he directs with passionate dedication. His commitment to this endeavor and Keshet has been an inspiration to me and to many others. We, the Buddies, are the beneficiaries of his vision in which children of all capabilities are celebrated and encouraged to play a ballgame they love and have a great time, and Dean is there every step of the way to make sure we all do!

— Dana Weiss

Global Quality Delivery Manager, Lionbridge (business partner)

My son Noah spent many happy days on the baseball field, directed by
Coach Dean at Keshet Buddy Baseball. Dean's warmth, love of children andphenomenal organizational skills have made him the perfect Commissioner and League Director of Keshet Buddy Baseball. What started out as a very small program has exploded to serve, from what I am hearing, almost 100 children! In addition, Coach Dean does a fantastic job of recruiting buddies and training them. Coach Dean Klassman has provided dozens of children with disabilities the opportunity to play baseball in a safe and protected environment. He has enabled the children to participate in the game to the best of their ability and to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment in their participation, while allowing family members the opportunity to be proud spectators. Thanks, Coach Dean!

— Ellen Bronfeld 

Student, University of Illinois, College of Nursing (business partner)

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